Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i have embarked

On the pilgrimage that every serious woman must make,
if she in fact wants to be a real, hard-core, don't-mess-with-me, stand-back-when-you're-in-my-kitchen kind of woman.

And, I have this sturdy, fool-proof, cookbook stand to assist me along the way. It's an item akin in pleasurable necessity to a 65 L backpack for youngsters traveling around Europe during summer breaks, or ankle boots for the style-sensitive types.

First order of business--
after reading the introduction to the book and the introduction to the chapters from which I will be experimenting, because Julia insists it be so--
is to re-learn how to hold a knife.

It really is easier this way, and I feel like I will be less likely to chop off a fingertip or somehow maim another necessary appendage or two, which I have done often in the dicing process. I have a scar on one finger from such nonsense.

I have rarely used it. But the Bearnaise (p. 84) that I will be pouring over my Pan-Broiled Steaks, or Bifteck Saute Bearnaise, (p. 295) require it.

How do you suppose Julia would feel about Smart Balance butter? Not thrilled, I presume.
Well, it went okay. I got too into the cooking and cookbook to take pictures so there are no photos of the finished dish. HOWEVER,

This is how I used the leftover Bearnaise.
Julia suggests using it on seafood,

So I mixed it with crab meat and diced tomatoes, like a warm crab salad on toasted English muffins. It was good, but Husband said it needed more Bearnaise :)
I promise to take photos of my next dish!


  1. Oh that looks good!! I can only imagine with the first dish looked like...amazing I would say from the second!

    Holding a knife seems to simple a concept and yet I know I'm guilty of not doing it correctly...think of the saved appendages!! :)

  2. I like your new decor! ... been trying to spruce things up at my end...I'm so ready to move on w/ the "clean slate" of new year approaching - but I'm not computer savvy enough to do it on my own as it relates to my blog - need to wait for my technical guru (aka my son :) This time I want him to teach me...not just do it for me.

    Enjoy creating some new culinary concoctions. I'm planning to as well - as I rec'd a new cookbook for Christmas that I'm anxious to explore & experiment with.

  3. Oh I am so hungry now and very impressed...and I love your new decor as well, at first I thought it was bolts of cozy flannel but I realize they are just as cozy, well worn book spines!

  4. Don't forget the photos, please. I can't wait to *see* all that you create!

    And I love that stand for your cookbook.....

  5. I LOVE that you're doing this, SL!! How fun!! : ) I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking and I LOVED the movie Julie and Julia so I am eager to see all of your posts that come out of this culinary adventure! (I was hoping to get that cookbook too for Christmas; didn't get it, but DID get a giftcard to Barnes & Noble, so I'll be able to follow along with your edible exploits! ; ) )

    Rooting for you! : )

  6. i am thoroughly impressed, but don't go all Julie and Julia on us, please. :) (it wasn't a good enough blog, or book or movie to repeat)

  7. Ha! I'm not planning on it. There are some things I just don't want to try. For example: cold fish mousse or anything with anchovies.

  8. Sounds like such fun, I will enjoy reading about your next dish xo


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