Thursday, December 31, 2009

some projects completed

You can see pieces of both projects in this photo.

I have been applying to Graduate School. For about 4 months.
It's not supposed to take that long to apply to ONE graduate program. But you see, I really want in. So, if you're the praying type and wouldn't mind offering up a few on my behalf...

The program is:
A Masters in Education for Curriculum and Instruction for Children's Literature.
I need an education degree but feel that ed courses are a waste of most people's time.
I want a Children's lit degree because it's one of my favorite genres.
My needs and wants are converging, all in this one wonderful program that has gotten outstanding reviews and only lets 10 people in per term.
So, I picked out my writing samples: one creative writing and one academic paper
from my undergrad days, and I started "tweaking" and doing some "small editing" on the academic paper.

4 months later, the paper is 17 pages long instead of 12.
And only THREE of the original paragraphs remain.
I rewrote the whole darn thing. Just couldn't help myself. But, it's a pretty impressive paper, if I do say so myself!

The other project is

a wedding gift.
A friend requested a painting of this "R" design. I don't usually do paintings like this, so I didn't where to start.

I looked around at other monogram paintings and felt they all looked a little college-dorm-room-ish. So my goal was to paint one for my friend that was "grown-up" enough AND had a little touch of mod, rather than cutesy.

I gave it a light floral background by painting my design in a shade of slate and then whitewashing over it to soften the white space in the canvas and then gave it a thick, solid border to achieve a more crisp, contemporary feel.

Round one. Too much green. Plus, she wants something more neutral.
Goals not achieved.

Round two. It's more grown-up, it has a more mod rather than cutesy appeal, and the shades will match her house, which is full of neutrals.

But I have a hard time telling if it's good enough, since I just generally don't do this kind of thing.



  1. What a great post this morning. I'm the prayn' type, so will keep you in mind today.

    Love your big "R", very cool. Didn't know you like to paint as well. I haven't for a while, as too much going on and a little top much home time for Scooter with our project going on. Can't wait till the NY and everyone is back to their normal tasks....

    Glad you liked Alicia Keys. The whole album is wonderful, better than her last. I can play Empire State over and over again. One of my favs of '09.

    Oooooops, he is up and bugging now. Time to run.

    Love you new background. Old books are a nice touch.

  2. For what it's worth…I'd give it more space. The design just looks crowded to me inside that box. I think it ought to have at least as much background space top and bottom as it does on each side (and maybe be "bottom weighted", i.e., allotted a bit more space on the bottom) and that you just need more all around. Look how much free space you have in that original drawing within the oval. And it would also help if your rectangle was more "rectangular," allow the proportions of the design to dictate the needed shape, make the box a bit more elongated.

    Does this help at all? Seems to me what you're looking for is a certain informal elegance. Another point to consider is keeping the heart-like elements on either side of the "R" lower/smaller than the "R" to better emphasize the central letter. They seem to be a bit overpowering. Again, more on the ratio of your original design in the oval.

  3. Hmm. Those are very good points. I think I will revisit!

  4. So here's the deal... I would agree with "The Grizzled..." IF you wanted it to look more like a monogram. Right now, it looks more like artwork- NOT a monogram. I, however, am not crazy over monograms and like artwork much more. And in turn, I LOVE your "R" piece. That's all I got! :)

  5. Oh and I definitely think the 2nd go 'round is the best choice as well

  6. I agree with you on round two - very sophisticated! :) xxx

  7. having had the privilege of reading the paper, i say it was phenomenal and that they would be fools not to welcome you with open arms.


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