Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the khan club

Khan is now a proud member of The Boykin Spaniel Society.

And Husband and I were so proud of him, we were beaming. He's a member! Of the Boykin Spaniel Society! What a moment! What glee!

And then I completely lost it laughing at how seriously we take ourselves!

All of us! Creating societies and clubs and policies and codes and manuals right and left. So serious!

And what does Khan think about all of this?

(note the ball resting in front of his chest)

(his lip gets stuck sometimes, poor thing!)

Khan just wants someone to throw his ball for him.

Have a great day taking things less seriously!


  1. i could drink to that last note!
    congrats to khan!

  2. this made me laugh. I think I needed this reminder today. thanks.

  3. My dog Sofia also gets her lip stuck sometimes ! :) :) :) :)

    I love your blog and I'm sure I'll stop by more often ! I really like it here :)


    P.S.:Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  4. Khan says "Cheers, Yiota!"

    Thanks for stopping by, Paula. I NEED THIS REMINDER TOO! :) It was a fun realization and even more fun to post about it!

    Aw! Thanks Claudia. I love your blog space, too! It's always inviting!

  5. So does Khan have a "full name" on his papers? Mak's is "Malakai's Mid-Knight Maskrade" ... I'm not even sure I spelled it just right bc we rarely ever refer to "that" name....but it was a fun play on words relating to his black mask :)

    Fun post & What a great face in the "lip-stuck" photo!!

  6. His full name is Genghis Khan of course!

    I love that play on words... very cute.

  7. Congratulations! And yes, we are so funny to do these things! Khan wouldn't care - as long as he's with you!

  8. I "lost it laughing" when I saw there was a "Code of Ethics" for Spaniels! Didn't know dogs Could be 'unethical'! ; )

    Oh SL! This was seriously SWEET!!! And I truly know how you feel...I have two Shih tzus and a Llasa Apso who are my kids! (not in a creepy 'need a support group' sort of way ; ) ) I love them so dearly and lemme just say, the good people at PetSmart SEE ME COMIN'!!! I'm a sucker for all the stuff that I think will make their world a little brighter...

    Dan of D2 Photography posted this quote once: "Dogs lives are too short; their only fault, really."


    (and my Maddie's lip gets stuck too ; ) )

    : )

  9. I love dogs, especially spaniels, my relatives have two little bundles of joy (also known as spaniels)! I think that the thing with clubs is that we all want our dogs to achieve something, like we do ourselves and sometimes it gets transferred to our pets..

  10. Khan has put things into perspective!


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