Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This was a Christmas gift from Husband's grandparents. It's made by a Louisiana artist who uses salvaged wood from buildings destroyed by Hurricane Katrina to create his work.

Every time I walk by it, I think about how little control we have over our lives. The only thing we can truly control is how we respond to the events and circumstances around us, and our collective response determines the state of the whole world.
I need that reminder daily.

And I suppose it's somewhat obvious to say, there's a lot of grace in this metaphor.
The words to a Christian song come to mind:
Now I can trade these ashes in for beauty...

The artist emailed me this photo in response to an inquiry I placed. I love the way this wall looks, filled with crosses of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I would gladly fill a whole wall in my house with them.

See more on the artist's website.


  1. This is divine! I like the word you chose for your title and how it works in two ways.

  2. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I love the one you have on your wall, just minimalist and lovely....My favorite in the pic he sent you is the one on the far left, the really simple very cool....

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I also like your title & it's "double meaning". What these are made from - & transformed into - combined w/ what they represent, makes them so meaningFULL! What a unique gift. But then again even that seems fitting so is God's Amazing (Transforming!) grace.

  4. loved this too......very meaningful..what a wonderful gift..

    more later, dear friend


  5. That is an interesting concept and I'd never really thought of it in that way...makes you see the world with different eyes...thank you... xxx


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