Tuesday, October 20, 2009

loft treasures

Husband's grandparents are called Dandy and Grandmommie. They live in a cozy little home in a place called Point Clear, Alabama. It's one of those rare places that is full of artists who actually help time stand still rather than spur it forward.

D & G, as I like to call them, cook thick, seasoned, wonderful Southern food and spend their days doing nice things for other people and looking for beauty to capture in paintings. They have a little studio in their upstairs loft where they work on their paintings, together.

Sometimes, we are given treasures created in that cozy loft studio.
Our most recent Loft Treasure is a painting of a photograph taken of us at the beach when we lived in Florida. That day, the water was resting over the shore in a thin layer, and the light and colors of the water and waves and figures along the beach cast a shimmery prism of colorful shapes across the sand.

And Grandmommie captured it for us in a painting to hang on our wall,
to help us remember our days at the beach.


  1. You are so lucky ! What a treasure. Beautiful.


  2. What a beautifully written story about your husband's grandparents, and their artwork is lovely!

  3. I've heard of treasure hidden deep beneath the sea...but this is treasure captured at the edge of the sea - & preserved ... beautifully :)


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