Wednesday, January 6, 2010

seen any good canvases lately?

I hate to even say the word, but this new line from Lands End just makes me think


They really do a fantastic, very J-Crew/Banana-Republic job of marketing it. I have such a thing for great advertising; it's utterly fascinating to me that people I have never seen before can make me think I need something that I never preconceived needing. Like messenger bags. I thought they were stupid until I saw this advertisement. Now, I need a messenger bag. Amazing.

I can just see myself walking around in this

or this

and these

Well, if I were wearing those, I may not be doing too much walking. But they would look nice sitting!

Plus, the really REALLY good advertisements iNsPiRe me to get cReAtIvE.
I like to use this COLD time of year to premeditate spring projects. One that I'm in the process of conceiving is a mosaic made from the collection of broken pottery and china that I have accumulated due to my chaotic style of multi-tasking.

I don't know if the first mosaic will be a frame, a walking stone, or a platter...

of course, at the rate I am going, by Spring I may have enough broken glass, china, and ceramic to frame my extended family, build a maize of walking stones, and have enough platters to set up a bustling etsy store...

Hmmm. More on THAT line of thought later!

Any more ideas for mosaic pieces?


  1. Bring on the spring! That is what I I can feel happy with myself for getting through the tougher times and moving is day 4 of no contact with the ex and gosh it is a I look forward to a time when more than 4 days - try 40- are behind me! I think you have the right idea getting creative! Look forward to seeing your creations! xxx

  2. You will LOVE your "broken dishes" projects! Warning - your family may get worried about you! :)

    Many years ago I made a mosaic "house number" plaque to hang near my front door. It was from a cobalt blue mug and white dish, and I added brass numbers. It was fun and I loved it, but left it when I sold the house, of course because of the numbers....

    Looking forward to a great spring here, too!

  3. haha, loved this, SL : ) I'm a sucker for good marketing myself, so I can relate...

    I loved your idea for the mosaic here...And love the metaphor therein, whether it was intentional on your part or not...Taking brokeness and turning it into something beautiful, something whole...Just lovely...

    Happy day to you my new friend : )

  4. I love Land's End. Such great customer service. I know the person is looking at my previous purchases and it's not personal, but they always seem to know just what I want.

  5. I love L.E and thinks the new spring white are great... bring it on. I'm ready. Over all these winter clothe already.... do you like L.L. Bean too....

  6. Are you going to start an Etsy store?! Can't wait to see what you decide to do w/ your mosaic....I can picture a very cool patio table :) I like the canvas problem is the bigger the bag, the more I tend to fill it up until I'm carrying around way more than I need to - but I can't find anything I need at the moment :)

    I left a response to your comment at my end.


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