Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY spring centerpiece

We try our best to follow the church seasons 'round here in this Anglican household, but the flowers were on sale at the craft store and I just had to go ahead and bring this brainchild to life. Even if I can't actually display it until Easter morning.

And then I thought I would just go ahead and share it with you, because maybe you will want to display it before Easter and throughout Spring, if you decide to make your own.
This idea was inspired by this year's bird trend at Pottery Barn. I can't afford PB for my random Holiday decor, but I can afford the local craft store :)

You will need:*
Long-stem silk flowers
Faux Moss
Pastel Speckled Eggs**
A bird's nest of straw or twigs**
About 2 feet of raffia ribbon
Glue gun and extra glue sticks
*All of this should run between $15 and $30, depending on what you already have laying around and which sales you stumble upon and where you live. It cost me just under $20.
**I found these items on the wreath-making aisle

And some wire cutters if you have them.
(If yours are anything like mine, you will need to update your Tetanus shots before using them :)

Cut the moss and any excess leaves from the stems.

Lay flower stems together to form a tight, skinny X shape. Practice placing the bird's nest on top to make sure you are forming a flat-enough base so it doesn't sit lopsided.
You do not want excess stems coming past the center and making things ugly, so

Cut the stems about 2 inches past the point where they meet in the middle.

Use hot glue to secure them against one another, making sure you are leaving a wide enough base in the middle for the nest to rest on.

Like this.

For additional security, add extra hot glue where you can but only in the center where it will be hidden under the nest.

Wrap raffia around the center to secure it further and to provide a better surface area for the nest. Hot glue the loose ribbon ends down.

Put a dab of hot glue about every 2 inch around the bottom circumference of the nest. Take the moss and loosely drape it around the hot glued points so that it is secure but still natural-looking.

Pile hot glue onto the raffia surface area.

Set the nest on the hot glue. Hold it in place until the glue sets. About a minute or two should suffice.

Then, glue leaves and any other remnants from moss or silk flowers that have fallen off around the base of the nest.

Like this. Isn't it festive?
If you try this and have questions, just drop me an email! It's actually very easy, so if it appears hard it's totally due to my lack of giving a clear and concise explanation.

Did you meet Claude yesterday? I had so much fun with his story.


  1. I love this for Easter ! It's so beautiful and charming :) Thanks for sharing and teaching us how to make it step by step ;)

    Have a blessed day !

    P.S.: I'll add a link of it tomorrow on my "Sharing makes me happy!" day . I'm sure other bloggy friends will love this beautifil work !

  2. Truly stunning table scape. Love how you showed us how to put together. The birdie nest is that best part. Really finishes it off nicely. Time to find that glue gun again. This will be a lovely Easter table.

    Kate - TGB

  3. Really great idea! Thanks for the instructions, too!

  4. You are a HOOT, Girlfriend (the tetnus shot comment : p silly : ) )...

    ...and this little project is LOVELY!! Good Lord, Martha Stewart's got nothin' on you!!

    (p.s. I'm so excited! I checked my pantry and I DO indeed have Bisquick!! No wheat germ to offset the heavy cream, but, somehow, I'm ok with that ; ) thanks for the yummy tip : ) and kudos to your husband for that little culinary triumph! : ) haha )

  5. Wow - that looks so nice! So often when I hand make stuff it looks handmade - if you know what I mean...but that looks so professional :) Nice job!

  6. I know exactly what you mean. My stuff often turns out that way. I was happy (and quite surprised) by this one! It all just came together.


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