Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fat tuesday: a carnival supper

My photo :)

Put pecan-crusted chicken tenders on skewers and eat it like a corn dog.
Dip them in yummy cream-style gravy or honey mustard.
Have Southern-Style Brussell Sprouts because they look like they're covered in confetti and they're healthy.

Food and Wine photo

For Dessert:

Have fun with homemade caramel popcorn or tequile-spiked caramel corn for a twist.


  1. Excellent menu !!! It's mouth watering :)
    I love it !

    Beautiful day, dear friend !

  2. Please, some of that fatty food for me (I am on a diet so I miss fatty foods so much!) and i love brussel sprouts.

  3. And to think I'm taking some gumbo we made last month out of the freezer.... wish I could eat YOUR meal instead!

  4. Looks delish... what a gourmet you are! I tried making Pralines for my friend who loves all things New Orleans---it was a flop! Oh well, I sent her some pecan brittle instead.

  5. gosh..that chicken looks so good....

    recipe, please

    sending love, my friend
    kary and buddy

  6. Courtney, I'll try that link..and I LOVE GRAVY...this looks so good...

    LOVE that The Khan got to play in the snow..what a sweetie...

    sending warm hugs to you and Khan

    i think of you too when I have the weather channel on..BUT we are suppose to get rain on Saturday :-)

    kary and buddy

  7. Wonderful!!! I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award.
    Check my blog for details


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