Thursday, March 4, 2010


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'Round here:
Deanna, my Greek neighbor, has been busy planting her tomatoes. I am so excited it's that time of year again and so sad I will no longer have my sweet, hilarious Greek neighbor when we move in a month or so. We haven't told her the news yet. The language barrier makes things like that a challenge.

In other news, I spent August-December preparing and applying for my ideal Masters degree. I blogged about it some here. I have been waiting on (figurative) pins and needles and finally received word yesterday:

I have been accepted to Penn State's distance education program for a Masters in Education for Curriculum and Instruction in CHILDREN'S LITERATURE! Ah, how fun! I am ecstatic and can't wait to begin the program in the Fall. I plan to complete the coursework for a graduate certificate in Literacy as well, so hopefully I can begin that piece this summer.

This is my dream program and a true answer to prayer! My focus now is to get started, earn a 4.0 and try try try to glorify God and be sensitive to His guiding nudges in the process.

This has been a 2-year project in finding the right program and getting in.

Ah, finally the fruition of my labor and prayers. 'Tis very sweet indeed.


  1. Congrats. What a totally fun thing to study. I have always wanted to write children's books. But, as you can tell I'm not the best writer. I have the imagination, but just can't seem to get it on paper. I can wait to hear more about your studies in more postings.

    Write on-
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  2. Yay! This is great news! Congratulations!!! I love children's literature!
    I miss studying so much! I was telling my friend about something missing in my life and that now I know it's studying and that maybe I could brush up my Italian and aim at a language certificate but she said I should focus on that Master's degree I have always wanted to do. (that was a very long sentence!)
    Good luck with it and have fun in the process!

  3. YOU SHOULD! It feels so good to know I am going to complete it after all... I would LOVE to go all the way and get my PhD too! I would probably do that one in Reading and Literacy.

  4. Oh, how wonderful for you! My graduate program was truly the most wonderful time of my life-- magical, in fact. I hope yours is the same. Please do share all you're learning because I want to know!

  5. Congratulations! That's wonderful news. Wishing you all the best in this new job, and that it is fulfilling and fun!

  6. all I can say is YAY!!!! never did a doubt shadow my mind that you would get in.


  7. Congratulations on starting the next step of your dream!

  8. Congratulations! A great course!

  9. Oh Hooray for you, Girley Girl!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and Kudos too!!!!!!!! Can't wait to tag along on this special journey of yours : )

    On a Greek note and somewhat a tangeant here....One of mine and my husband's favorite little neighborhood joints is a little Greek place here called Zorba's.....I have decided that God placed the Greeks on this earth, yes, for their logic, but mostly for their amazing quisine!!! I'll pray God gives you a new Greek neighbor!! ; )


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