Tuesday, March 2, 2010

house hunting

So, I mentioned on Friday that we would be house-hunting this weekend.

Husband is in construction, which is not the ideal business for a struggling economy, so we have been moving where the jobs are for the last several years. He is almost finished with the project here in Charlotte. The next job will be in a tiny town outside of Greenville, SC.

It's been fun living in different places. It makes my job a real challenge, but it's character-building and teaching me to be resourceful and open-minded!

(Husband shaved the beard last night finally. I didn't like it.)

As far as where to live, there are a lot of options. Greenville (downtown street pictured above) is a cute, clean city. However, the job is actually 30 minutes away and near a lot of little mountain towns.

On one hand, there are more cute houses for rent in Greenville. On the other hand, it might be fun to live in a mountain town for a year. Maybe I could give up "cute" for a year, eh?So, we have been doing a lot of exploring.

Picture of a Greenville church in the Fall, taken from Internet source.

My criteria for a rental home is this:
-must have a fenced-in yard area for Khan
-must have hardwood floors (or something other than carpet. Otherwise, I never quite feel like it's clean.)
-Must have a kitchen I want to cook in.
-Not too many "dark" walls. I feel gloomy under dark paint.

Husband's Criteria is:
-Must be a 30-minute drive at most from the job site
-Must have a coffee shop or library nearby and a "community" feel for Wife to go read on the lonely days before finding work so she won't be crazy and mad when he comes home from work(not that I ever get that way :)
-Must be a safe neighborhood
-Must have outdoor storage for lawn care equipment and man tools :)

On our weekend wanderings, we accidentally stumbled upon Husband's work site. It has been cleared for construction (he's building a high school) and check out those mountain views! I told him I am going to bring picnic lunches for him and his coworkers! He said no.

Ah well, more to come in the next month on the house-hunting process!


  1. I'm sure you will find the perfect rental. Greenville is a great town. My grandmother lived up on the border of SC. and NC. in a town call Tryon, NC. We use to fly in Greenville to get there. Just think of the journeys you can have to the Smokies now. Keep us posted. I'm sure you will find the perrrrrr-fect place.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  2. How exciting! We've moved around quite a bit too. It has it's advantages & disadvantages. I choose to focus on the advantages :) Have fun picking a place to call home for a while. Hmmm a mountain home? or one in quaint little town ? That would be a touch decision for me too.I'd probably opt for the quaint little town - but then I'd always wonder what it would have been like if I picked the mountain home instead! :)

  3. Good luck with the house hunting! I would easily live in a quaint little town, oh yes, I would! Just get me out of the city, please! I like your hubby's criteria; I can tell he'll be a great dad one day, making sure everyone in the house is safe and sane :)

  4. This blog makes me smile! My husband has yet to shave his'd you convince him?? AND they just told us last week that Josh's next job is outside of Savannah...I'm not happy! We think our plan is to have him start it (it is a Publix) and then we are moving to Brevard, NC in the late summer so he can work on my parent's new cottage. We'll be close to you all again--yay! Keep us updated!!!

  5. Oh, if ONLY the convincing had been on MY part. I just had to patiently wait until he got tired of it. He grows it about once a year. Thankfully it never lasts longer than a month.

    Y'all WILL be close to us! What a great plan!

  6. Good luck on your house-hunting ! I'm sure you'll find the perfect house :)

    Have a beautiful and inspiring week !

  7. That's a really good attitude. And sunlight. Don't forget lots of sunlight. And a good thrift store...

  8. rooting for you, Courtney!! I gotta cast my vote for the mountains, but probly not many coffee shops to unwind in in the mountains....

    Either way, looks like a win-win from your pictures here! I know you'll find the perfect cozy little place : )

    -Liz : )

  9. Lucky you! I've heard South Carolina is very pretty.
    Looking forward to following the process!

  10. Wow, this is really exciting news! I love the photos of the town - looks like you could find a really good coffee and/or lunch shop to sit with gal friends! Maybe a book club at the library?
    The best part is that no matter where you go, you'll still be just a few "clicks" away from all of us!
    Best wishes :)

  11. Good luck sweetie! Sounds like it is all going to be very exciting! An adventure of some sorts! I hope you will be able to find work too! xxx


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