Monday, March 22, 2010

look what husband did!

Husband is finished (minus a few minor details) with the project he came to Charlotte to complete:
Rocky River High School.
(P.S. We move in one week and haven't packed a single thing!)

Front View of the School
(they're still working on the landscaping at this point)

Outside View of the Auditorium

Outside View of the Library

The Football Field

Husband preparing to make a touchdown on the Football Field.
(I got it on video but haven't gotten permission to show you all just yet! I am still working on him :)

The Gymnasium (see how shiny the floors are?)

The Auditorium
(Husband put a lot of his time into this building and he loves the way it turned out.)

Back Stage Dressing Room Vanity Area

Curtain and Lighting System Husband helped Design

Sport Locker Rooms

(these kids are going to have such amazing resources!)

Science Labs,
complete with Chemical Exhaust Hoods and Fire Blankets to wrap burning persons in to smother the flames.
(what kinds of experiments do they do in science labs these days?!?!? We just dissected huge worms at my high school!)

The architects "art" wall. Nice touch, huh?

The band room.

So much pride went into the design and construction of this school. Husband and everyone on the project seemed to really enjoy doing it. It's hard to believe, looking at this beautiful building, that so many budget cuts have been going on in the school systems. Ah, me. If only education could become our top priority, I believe so many other issues would magically solve themselves.


  1. Incredible! Beautiful! WOW!!! So much attention to detail. He/You must be so proud :)

    Happy Packing!

  2. Wow !! He really did a great work ! Congrats and God bless you both :)

    Have a beautiful week, sweet friend !

  3. Wow! So new and exciting -think of all the generations of school kids who are going to play out their lives in those rooms...long, long after you are gone...must be an overwhelming feeling...quite a legacy! xxx

  4. I totally agree with you on the last note.
    And wow! oh, wow! It's amazing! So beautiful! Hope the kids will appreciate it.

  5. Yes, how proud you both must be! And how fortunate the children are to have such a beautiful building. Money spent on educating our youth is WELL spent!

  6. Oh how I envy the auditorium.....all those curtains...and LIGHTS!....and the dressing room - what is THAT?! Oh, and the lovely seats that stay there all the time:) No One ever has to make room for aarghh! basketball or day care or pre-schoolers!

    Bee-U-ti-ful school....Mug must make it a point to show Fug what Slug has done:)

  7. What a cool claim to fame, Courtney!! : )

  8. Wow. Beautiful job!! So jealous of the auditorium.


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