Tuesday, March 9, 2010

smoked paprika salmon with red berry glaze: the next installment of 101 ways to eat salmon

I have not posted many recipes lately because, frankly, I've been doing some scary cooking. I'm getting a little too adventurous in the kitchen. Many nights, Husband chokes down his supper insisting that it is "a very interesting dish."
However, husband and I agreed that this recipe was fantastic, easy, healthy, and fairly budget friendly. AND, I mostly made it up, using a little inspiration from elsewhere.

The Gist:
Season the salmon with pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika. Whisk together Raspberry vinegar and warm strawberry preserves. Cook salmon, serve over seasoned long grain and wild rice and top with Red Berry Glaze. It's delicious! I'm sure it would be good with white fish, too.

Find the printable recipe here.

Husband still plays with his food.

In other news, Khan got a new dog bed because he ransacked the stuffing from his old one and ate most of it. He loves his new one so much he didn't even sit under our feet while we ate dinner, hoping for a morsel of human food to fall to the floor (which usually does *accidentally* happen).

I guess he just wanted a nicer bed. What a brat :)


  1. This is a real interesting and unusual recipe - who'd have thought the combinations would work?! Exciting stuff... xxx

  2. And yet again, salmon is on the menu at my house this week. Now I know how we're preparing it. The parmesean salmon was great!

  3. That dish sure looks tasty! & Khan certainly look comfy :)

    & I just wanna clarify re: your comment at my end...we're just adding more animals in general (not specifically lizards) as it gets closer to the play - as if the animals are beginning to gather at Noah's Ark already. The play is in 2 weeks.

    Sorry - just had to clear up that vision you had of a church full of lizards! :)

  4. MyStory I am laughing SO hard! I was so confused! I thought you meant your preacher decided he should add TWO LIZARDS each week and let them live in the church. I thought, "Well, it really is a come one, come all kind of church!"

  5. Hooray for scary cooking!
    Lovely to see the dog so happy with his new bed.

  6. This is timely. My friends are salmon fishermen off the coast of Alaska. They flash freeze their catch immediately and it is beyond awesome.
    I just bought two lovely fillets from them and am cooking them tomorrow. I'll give this a try.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. I am truly loving this idea of some sweetness with the salmon. As you yourself said, I am also getting a bit adventorous in the kitchen almost playing with food, fortunately it is not quite so. My unconventional patties will hit my blog soon too but until then, I'll gear up some salmon and berries (will try my best to find raspberry vinegar on this side of the world) and cook away!

    Thanks for this lovely (I also am starting to feel the hunger) recipe! Got to go make some food for myself now

  8. I wouldn't have thought of pairing paprika with fish, but I love it on chichen.

    I have an award for you:


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