Monday, March 8, 2010

the house

In case you missed this post, we're moving to Greenville, SC and very excited about it (although we will miss lovely Charlotte, NC). The official date is March 29.

There is a street in downtown Greenville called "Coffee Street" that I told Husband I felt I was destined to live on. I was wrong. We will not be living on Coffee Street.

However, we will be close to the downtown area.

In this house.
I love the house we decided to rent. It's definitely "cottage style," and if we owned it, there are very few things I would change. It's also on a very nice street, where couples were out walking their dogs and dads-and-sons were playing basketball in the driveway and mothers were weeding flower beds. Husband feels good about leaving wife here while he does business :)

It has a living room and a family room, where I will probably set up a study/library/office space since I'll be a student again in the Fall. The "family room" is my favorite room in the house because of the wood paneling that reminds me of the Aspen tree trunks in the Rockies and the big glass sliding doors that open onto a small deck, making it feel airy, open and smack full of sunlight.

The living room has a cozy fireplace and built-in bookshelves (love!) and is also full of natural light. One of my favorite things about this house is the stain on the hardwood floors. It's more of a walnut stain, which means there are no (or fewer) red tints. The last two houses we have rented have had red tints that drove me crazy: our current house has a red tint to the beautiful hardwood floors (which many people would probably love) and our house in Florida had a red tint to the beige walls.
One of the many reasons having to rent has been so beneficial: I now know to look for red tints in paints and stains! I feel that if an item wants to be a little red, it should go all out and just be red! None of this hinting around. However, gray and blue tints, I am all for.

Now, for the one and only downside to this awesome house:

The bathroom. Yikes, that's some bold wallpaper! But at least it's cheerful and very clean. And who knows, it might just grow on me!

And last but not least, the kitchen. I love this quaint, tiny little kitchen.

And it comes with everything but a microwave, one of which I have in storage somewhere. (By "storage" I mean my parents house.)

So, there's THE house! You'll soon be watching us move in... so stay tuned!


  1. It's wonderful to read that you found your house :)
    New house, new city, new life ! I wish you two fill this lovely place with love, peace and joy :)

    Be happy at this new chapter of your life story, sweet friend !

    HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY !!! xoxoxo

  2. ADORABLE! Love it! I really like the floors and the walls with the white lick of paint in the family room. Y'all did well. very well indeed. But, Dearest, I shall now be needing this new address too. :)

  3. Everything is so CLEAN-looking! I love the simplicity of style and color I see.....I even like the boldness of the bathroom combined with the simplicity of color and lines of the rest of the house.....White towels, etc. in the bathroom may give you eternal spring & summer:)

    I LoVe the downtown! Can't wait to visit!

    Lug, Mug

  4. Good point about the bathroom, Mugsie! I like your POV!

  5. It is gorgeous- I actually quite like the statement wallpaper too in the bathroom! :) Be lovely to see how it looks once you have added your own touches! Congratulations! xxx

  6. This looks great! I love the fireplace and the bookshelves in the living room (and can someone please explain to me what a family room is and how is it different from the living room????) and the kitchen is gorgeous!
    I love that your mum thought of cleanliness first! :)

  7. Yiota~

    They're the same thing, basically. Usually, if there is a "living room" and a "den" or "family room" in a house, it means the living room is more formal-- as in nicer upholstered and white furniture that kids and pets are not allowed to get on. WE do not have nice upholstered or white furniture!

  8. Oh Court!! It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! A beautiful cozy cottage for you, and at least CLOSE to Coffee Street! (I'm with ya on that one sistah!! ; ) )...and that gorgeous downtown area you'll have to enjoy!! Yay yay YAY!!!!

    Can't wait to see your plot thicken over there (and I think the bathroom is sweet : ) )

    Congrats to both of you on your lovely new digs!! : )

  9. Too Cute! You guys will have a lot of fun I'm sure.

  10. I can definitely see much happiness in this house! It is a cheery place. Soon to come - many wonderful meals, puttering in the yard, and board games played by the family near the fireplace this coming fall and winter...

  11. what a beautiful house! i love the wooden floor and the paneling in the family room. and that wall paper is kind of charming, you can totally make something fun and sweet out of it with the right styling out there. anyway, it's just the bathroom :)

    so, happy packing. if that can ever be a happy thing. i hate it. unpacking, though, feels good. especially if you unpack in such nice surroundings as you will be doing.

  12. Indeed! And I like the cleaning out that comes with packing and unpacking. Feels so good to clean out.

    Thank you all for your sweet comments! I am feeling right positive about the bathroom. I'm beginning to think it's actually pretty cute :)

  13. NICE! I hope I can get up to this one for a visit. The downtown area looks very cool. Have you read Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "Yellow Wallpaper"? It's a short story- good story, but might not leave you with the fondest feelings of your new bathroom. :)


  14. Lots of housewarming wishes! It is a lovely place!

  15. What nice place you've found to call home. Really nice! I kinda like the idea of having the laundry "room" in the kitchen. Ours is downstairs which means too often laundry is out of sight out of mind so to speak. If it were in my kitchen I would hafta keep up with it! :) Happy homemaking.


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