Wednesday, April 14, 2010

how NOT to fall asleep at your desk

I have been burning a coffee-scented candle at my desk while working, and it's done wonders for my afternoon low-biorhythms!
This link even tells you how to make your own. (I'm not into the homemade candle-making, but some folks might be.) Mine was a gift, so I'll probably be contacting this young lady once I burn it all the way down...


  1. Wow! How amazing! And Beautiful!

  2. This is fabulous, Courtney!!!!!! And I'm right there with ya, coffee is my lifeblood ; ) ...this is a FANTASTIC idea : )

    And thanks, Girley, for your sweet comments over my're always so encouraging to me : ) ...

    hope you're feeling at home in your new digs...Hope life is treating you guys well : )

  3. Wow - it looks pretty cool! Definitely a good way to keep awake - caffeine hit to the nose! xxx

  4. And it keeps you from getting the shakes :)

    NOT that I EVER drink so much coffee that I get the shakes...

  5. can you grind up the leftovers and drink it once it's burned out????
    ewe! I love the candle! darling idea :) away a painting on my blog!


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