Monday, May 17, 2010

all-american fun and a full demolition...

It seems we haven't had a "nothing" weekend in awhile, so this one was heartily welcomed.
However, the weekend began with the final round of demolition work on the house next door. It was an adorable house; we couldn't figure out why they would want to demolish it. When we moved in, we admired it and said it looked like it belonged in the French countryside. It was so quaint and charming with beautiful landscaping.
But, this is the fate the little French Maisonette has since met:

It began on Wednesday,

And by Friday, there was nothing there. It took fewer than 30 hours of machine work to knock down months of labor and years of resources. And they'll build a new one soon. A bigger, newer,"nicer" one.
Our whole house was shaking on Friday as they finished off those old brick walls. We could see ceramic sinks, kitchen cabinetry and old wood floors splintering and cracking as it went down. It seems like those pieces could have been used and appreciated in another house, somewhere in the world.

Oh, well.
It was an interesting process to watch, and I can't wait to see what the owners are so determined to build in its place.

So, Saturday was a quiet day. The house was still. And we made thick, Belgian waffles....

On top of the washer and dryer :)

This house has less counter space than the last one, so we have to improvise a little!

Half regular, half blueberry.
Husband adds a teaspoon of vanilla to his waffle batter, which makes it like eating waffle cake for breakfast. I add fresh fruit to mine, which makes it like eating waffle cobbler.
Then, we split our cake and cobbler and douse it with Maple Syrup.

The rest of the weekend was made up of....


and none other than,

America's favorite pastime,

Complete with stellar opening performances,



  1. Grrrrrr to the people next door! I hate teardowns!!!!! And I used to cook on top of my washer and dryer, too.

  2. I remember seeing a few times where contractors would post a notice of "free" building items for those ambitious enough to remove them by themselves. Too bad it isn't done very often!

    Other than that, it looks like a terrific weekend - starting with waffles and ending with baseball! Who could ask for anything more??!

  3. I agree - so much of that probably would've/could've been repurposed if given the chance. Once we put an old toilet out on the curb & I was surprised at how fast it disappeared!! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend overall tho'.

    Thinking of we're havin' breakfast for dinner again :)

  4. Again with those yummy waffles, Girl!!!! Can I pull up a chair? : )

    I'm with you on that little country sad : ( I'd prefer to live in something like that than something "nice and new" any day........ah well........

    Glad y'all had a do-nuthin weekend....and gotta tell ya, the butterflies on your throw pillow were such a little "sign", a little encouragement to me a little breath for my soul....

    anyway, thanks for this fun little jaunt through your sweet weekend : )


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