Tuesday, June 15, 2010

baby shower

The menu (none of which I can take credit for) came straight from Phyllis Hoffman's Spring issue of Celebrate.

Baby shower decorations seem to be so much more useful than the decor for other parties and showers. You just stack some teething rings on the faucet, pile up some baby blocks as a centerpiece and make a wreath that can later hang on the nursery door and you have yourself a party!

Now, we're just waiting for the follow-up event: Miss Anna's debut in the world of light and air!


  1. Precious! I love all the "baby" food. Hope baby Anna has safe and speedy passage into the world!

  2. Very cute/clever! I LOVE the "Baby" food concept & using toys to decorate too. Great pics! They look like they came out of a magazine!

    P.S. I like the canning jar glasses too! - I recently bought a set of canning jars just to use as glasses :) I bought them to have a bbq w/ but that hasn't happened yet - but we've been using them indoors/everyday. Something different/fun.

  3. I loved those too! They were casual yet so much nicer than plastic disposable cups. Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the idea :)

  4. awesome decorations and ideas... I'm so lazy, when I did my stepdaughter's baby shower--just the punch and cake. I'm not big on entertaining. Oh well, at least we all enjoyed getting together.


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