Friday, July 30, 2010

sharing the batter beater...

When I finished a final exam and research paper the other day, I decided to celebrate by baking cookies. I pulled out my favorite cookie recipe, and I started to mix the awe-inspiring array of scrumptiousness: butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, toffee...

and as if they weren't decadent enough already, I added a cup of semi-sweet chocolate morsels.

When the time came to lick the beater, I didn't want to be selfish. So I shared with my sous chef:

I know cookie batter is arguably much worse for dogs than for young ladies like myself...
But Khan looked at the beater, then at me, longingly, as if to say,
"Aw, come on. A Boykin Spaniel only lives once!"
He seems to have emerged from the incident just fine... although later I found that he had knocked about 6 of the cooling cookies from the counter and gobbled them up. So, if he had suffered any cookie batter injuries, I think it would have been from his own ill behavior and not my generous offering of the batter beater.

(I'm having technical difficulties linking to the recipe. Go to and type "Oatmeal Toffee Cookies" into the little search box. )


  1. I let Kiki lick the batter off, too! One for me, one for her. :)

    Those cookies sound SCRUMPTIOUS.


  2. I *LOVE* it, Courtney!!! Just made choc chip cookies the other night and always share a bit o' batter with my sweet little Shih'tzus....They *LOVE* it too! : ) fun fun : )

  3. i will have to let teddy lick the beaters...

    i want to make these cookies this weekend

    and courtney...the dilly bread would be perfect for your first bread baking is easy and good...just watch it till it is brown and sounds hollow when you tap it..then you know it is done

    and you're right about that Indigo Girls song...ethanollie said something about that song...that's where that line came from....

    have a happy weekend you and the khan...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  4. If I were to let my dogs do that JUST ONCE, I would never have a moment's peace when making anything. Very cute pictures.

  5. So true! I think that's why he thought he could knock the cookies off the counter and eat them!

    Kary~ thanks for the tips! I will have to jot those onto the printed recipe.

    Liz~ so glad to hear you share the batter, too!

  6. No need to wash the beaters now!

  7. That's so cute!
    And oh, my...these first two pictures make me drool...


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