Wednesday, August 4, 2010

two seemingly unrelated strands of thought merge...

I've been eyeing the classy-rugged Fall looks over at the Lands' End Canvas collection...

Don't they look comfortable? Don't they look smart?
I also love that girl's wild red hair. I tried to dye my hair red once. It made Husband quite angry, so I don't think I'll be going there again. Better to have a happy husband than wild red hair (which I think they should add to the ancient proverbs, don't you?).
Anyway, considering my Fall wardrobe also makes me consider how all our money is going to Penn State for the next few years! (Which, don't get me wrong, is a true honor and I'm not complaining.)
So, I've shifted my focus to:

Have any of you ever read Atlas Shrugged? I'm planning to read it and give this scholarship contest a whirl. I'd love your thoughts if you've read it or any of Rand's philosophy,
which in my humble opinion is pretty humanistic (in the godless sense).

If you're wondering how these two topics fit together, it goes like this:
As I was brushing up on my foundations of philosophy in order to embark on this journey of the mind, I was reminded of

the five main branches of philosophy:

1. Epistemology

2. Metaphysics

3. Politics

4. Aesthetics (this is where my Fall wardrobe fits in :)

5. And at the center of those points is: ETHICS

(which is where Ayn Rand fits in)


  1. great blog! and I've never read Atlas Shrugged. Don't think I could get through it! Love the outfits though!! Good luck!!!

  2. If you do enter the scholarship contest, I do hope you'll post your essay here!

  3. I will! I might even send it to YOU to proofread :)

  4. I love that book-- but it's been at least 10 years since I read it last, maybe more. Good luck integrating fashing and Rand!

  5. I read it last fall. Excellent read. Hard position on the ability of the rational mind. Libertarians and atheists love it.


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