Friday, September 24, 2010

:: birthday cake(s) piled high

Husband and I have the same birthday, which we'll be celebrating this weekend. I plan to make him/us a Julia Child chocolate-on-chocolate cake flavored with a dash of Grand Marnier (orange liqueur).
I also considered making this Hazelnut-and-Chocolate Meringue Cake from Food and Wine:

Maybe I'll just make BOTH cakes. After all, you only turn 27 on the same day as your husband once, right?

A little secret in the simplistic-yet-somehow-poetic words of Julia Child:
"... the secret of a full, light cake lies in how rapidly and delicately you fold the starch and finally the chocolate and butter into the egg mixture" (p. 495, Vol II).

Find the Hazelnut-and-Chocolate Meringue Cake recipe here.


  1. Happy Birthday wishes all around. Have a good birthday weekend and enjoy the cake(s).

  2. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Girlfriend!! wheeee!! Let Them Eat Cake! ; )

    Wishing you wonderfulness and a truly happy New Year......

  3. Happy Birthday !!!! Best wishes of love, happiness, health, peace and all the good feelings and things GOD can allow you both :)


  4. Happy Birthday to you both! Enjoy your special weekend!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me about the course. It's definitely along the lines of what I want to do; but... it's way too expensive, plus I'll have to go to work, too. If I ever manage to do it here, it'll be at the university I studied and I'll get a three-year leave from work with my salary intact plus a good sum of money that will cover the expenses. The problem is with the finances of the country at their worst, no one gets a study-leave, not even those that have already started studying!!!
    Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

  5. Hee dad and I were just looking at this cake in Food and Wine last night wishing we had some! :) Enjoy your birthdays!

  6. thanks for stopping by! and i think my pregnancy cravings are lingering bc all i want is CAKE! delish


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