Thursday, September 23, 2010

:: vintage pop

Or I could have titled this one "Of Soda and Culture" :)
Last night at the gym, I saw a special on the history and marketing brilliance of the Coca-Cola industry.
So, I thought I would share one of their vintage commercials:

I think this could be considered "Classic American Art" in the film medium, don't you?

About the actual documentary:
It can be purchased here.
There's another NBC showing on October 3, as you can see here.
Or, (surprise!) you can watch it here whenever you please.


  1. i always loved that commercial too..
    you have me laughing..PHYLLIS HOFFMAN...i love her too..i have my beloved mabel hoffman crock pot cookbook...i wonder if they are sisters.

    it looks like Fall inside,but outside today is HOT..i have the fan on for Teddy....

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. I hope it's a Teddy-sized fan! That tiny, sweet pup could blow right away!

  3. I love this commercial! They must have replayaed it for years, because it's one of my earliest memories...


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