Friday, September 17, 2010

:: we had a gathering...

We had a dessert-and-wine gathering with several other couples, which I was SO happy to hostess! Moving around the way we do, I don't end up hostessing a lot of gatherings with more than 2-6 people, but for some reason we have just really "clicked" with many wonderful people here. Which is one reason you haven't "seen" me in a week. The other reasons are:

-My Atlas Shrugged essay scholarship submission is due today. Ready or not, turn it in!
-I won a recipe contest I entered :) I'll be posting a link as soon as it's published.
-School has started full-force.
-I'm still volunteering with children and one of them has become a mystery I'm struggling to decode and thus help.
-I'm getting ready to re-launch (and officially this time) my Literacy blog.

Back to the subject of gatherings, isn't it funny what people end up raving over? I spent two days deciding on dessert wines. I finally went with a Moscato, and most people just wanted to drink the Hazelnut coffee Husband decided to brew 5 minutes before the first couple arrived. Go figure. I kept saying, "Most people aren't going to want caffeine this late, you know..." He won.

Something else Husband decided to do (earlier in the day, but right before our friends from Jacksonville stopped by to say hello as they were passing through Greenville) was rearrange our furniture. I was fuming, but I have to admit, he did a good job. In the process he decided to officially COVER the slipcover I've been working on for months and will (according to him) not be finishing any time soon. In case you can't tell, it's the blue chair. He used a bed sheet to disguise it.

What do you think? I was rather impressed with his skills, and I might get HIM to finish the real slipcover! I wonder if he would consider sewing lessons for home decor...

Last but not least, do you ever receive something from the hands of friends that you just can't stop looking at? Something about these amber and golden jars of honey with the little wooden spoon sitting in the windowsill is so charming and cozy. We're planning on enjoying the Orange Blossom with our breakfast this weekend. Any ideas? I'm thinking about drizzling it over toasted English muffins... (thank you, Kate!).

A P.S. for you: The Savannah Honey Shop has a website where they offer lots of honey recipes, which I will be perusing this weekend and I thought you might enjoy as well.


  1. Love it! So glad you liked the honey..let me know if you want some more before we leave! :) Have a great weekend...

  2. Your gathering sounds fun! You've been busy. Husband did a nice job on the slipcover. Very nice - esp considering he did it so quickly. Did he actually sew it? Congrats on your recipe contest win! :)

  3. No, he didn't sew it. He stuck with concealed straight pins! Very clever is he :)

  4. Now THAT is a keeper of a husband! Mine considers rearranging the furniture shoving it against the wall so he can do P90X. Nice.

    I adore honey-- my favorite is slathered on fresh-baked oatmeal bread with a teensy bit of good butter!

    Glad you are having so much fun. Wish we could compare notes on decoding kids-- I have a few puzzles this year myself.

  5. Hmmm... Maybe i SHOULD get up there for some thrifting and decoding of kids over coffee!

  6. You handle your hubby's talented last-minute whims much better than I used to....I would get sooo angry (to no avail, I might add:) when your father would decide to do things such as re-cover a chair (though he never actually did THAT, I don't think) or re-arrange the furniture...or decide to "create" some new edible delicacy RIGHT before company was supposed to arrive....Heavens! and "mess up" all my nicely laid plans?

    Ahhh..."the best-laid plans of mice and men...."

    Lug, Mug

  7. Cute! You are the best party hostess!

  8. He DID do a great job! And a husband that re-arranges furniture? Sounds good to me. I'm gathering that he is a rather spontaneous sort of fellow?

  9. He is indeed! Even when I don't want him to be :)

    It is actually a very lovable trait, and his grandmother called to assure me he gets these genes from his grandfather!!!


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