Monday, September 20, 2010

:: nectar of the gods, indeed

The honey sitting in my kitchen window sill (& pictured in the last post) has inspired me :)
This recipe was featured in my new Food and Wine magazine. It's called Grilled-Fruit Bruschetta with Honey Mascarpone Cheese. Find it here.

More honey recipes that look enticing:
Espresso Black Pepper and Honey Glaze for chicken, fish, or veggies


  1. you have inspired me my friend..i have 3 huge end of the season o'henry yellow peaches on my counter..and tonight they are hitting the grill with my t-bone steak...

    thanks for the idea...hope all is well

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. Why, yes, I believe I will! That sounds amazing and I have some marcapone in the fridge right now!

  3. yum! I'll be back after work to choose which ones to make.

  4. that homemade honey chai recipe looks promising. i'll definitely try it this weekend. thanks for sharing =)

  5. Hey Courtney!! I'm in NC visiting my bro (twin bro actually) who is home from Aghganistan for a couple o' weeks...Today we went to Dewey's bakery in Winston Salem...Isn't that the bakery you posted about one time? The one that ships their goodies out? I got an apple dumpling that was OUT OF THIS *WORLD*!!

    Anyway, thought I'd share : ) I coulda sworn that was the one...

  6. YES! It was the one! I am SO SO SO jealous! I wish I was there :)

  7. Hey Girl!! Too cool! Just got your note over at "my place"! Knew that was the one! What are the chances! So fun...wasn't even looking for it, just found myself in it, and realized suddenly I'd heard of it before! Isn't that somethin! : ) Just kinda fun thinkin too that I was in there walkin around right where you were....what a trip! (a fun trip : ) )

    I'm afraid N. Carolina was as far south as I could make it this time...ya know, those pesky inbox items started pilin' up: my job and house and havin' to make sure my husband didn't die of malnutrition ; ) So back to Virginia today : )

    Sure hope you and yours are well, Courtney...Have a sweet night over there : )

    (p.s. love this song, ever hear of it? Heard it first because it was the backdrop to the final scene of "Northern Exposure", my favorite series Iris Diment.....enjoy : )


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