Friday, October 8, 2010

rummaging 'round for autumn

 We've been busily searching landscapes for signs of Fall here in the South Carolina foothills. The air is crisp when the sun is low, but midday is hot as summer in New England-- not too hot, but tie-the-cardigan-around-the-waist warm nonetheless.

 But here and there, from time to time,

We catch of little glimpse of Autumn breaking through.
We feel she'll be here soon.


  1. That's quite a breathtaking view of the mountains. I can almost smell the fresh air :)

  2. wow.... i'm quite jealous of the gorgeous surroundings yall live in !

  3. Thanks for the comments :)

    Erin~ come visit anytime! We have a comfy guest bed :)

  4. Not far from Caesar's Head ourselves, we drive out there almost every week to see the changing color. It's just about ready now. Love the photographs.


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