Saturday, October 9, 2010

scattering inspiration: BOO!

I got the idea for "mummy vases" from a magazine I flipped through while in line at the grocery store.
(Now I can't remember which.) They used the plastic eyes that roll around, but I just made my own from cardstock. Then, I added the apple to help the scene unfold.

It might be fun to draw red squiggles shooting out from the pupils to make them look bloodshot. Or color the whites with yellow highlighter for a whole new, glowing effect.

It took 5 minutes to set up,
and it's like a story sitting on my windowsill, unfolding with every change of light and slight turn of the apple.

I usually look up at least once from washing dishes and just have to give a little chuckle :)


  1. Too cute. You are so clever.

    By the way, you need to start "copyrighting" you pics too. I don't say that to all, but seriously your pictures need to have a little Scattered Lupines added somewhere.

    I so aDORe you last posting of N.C. in the fall. Aren't you two just the cutest out and about enjoying the day.

    Glad to have you back in my blog life.


  2. Good to be back! I had to take a blog-visiting break while I figured out my new full-time school routine! I think I'm back on track :)

  3. I don't see your email.. so....

    It appears to me that Blogger is seriously thinking of link-ing into PICASA 3, which I have been using for a while to edit my pics. I just add in a TEXT line where I feel it should be placed in the picture. I have also just started to edit in the PICNIK link which had fun fonts too. I did bite the bullet this week and upgraded that to have some more fun options.

    Here's my email if you have anymore questions...

    Hope this helps. And know that I don't think everyone need to worry about their pictures being poached, but you sure do.


  4. THANK YOU!!!! That is so helpful. I didn't know about that resource.

  5. Loving the halloween decorations - and the wreath! They are slowly popping up everywhere! xxx


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