Thursday, November 18, 2010

blood-locked seasoning

Picture the weather so sticky and thick it looks more like a foggy morning than a smoldering summer day. Picture the moss hanging lazily from the antebellum oak trees, oscillating fans, energy despite the oppressive heat, and an artful laziness despite the energy.


Think pretty cotton fields, fierce alligators, steeping gumbo, superstition, boiling crawdads, cayenne peppers, andouille and boudin sausages. Think spice. Now we’re on the right track.

Husband made a unique Cajun spice blend this weekend.
When I think of this blend, I think of the days when spices were valuable, exotic trade items. I think of historical books I read as a child that told of ships carrying colorful silks, fragrant soaps, silver platters, creamy china, and spices into provincial ports.

This recipe was hand-scrawled on the back of an envelope during an SEC football cookout on Auburn University’s campus. Husband had been hoping for years to win the trust of the man who made a blood pact with the Cajun sea captain who developed this combination of Acadiana taste-bud glory.
Finally, the man offered it to him—although not without deep whispers, stern glances, furtive handshakes, and other clandestine behaviors, and he explained to us both how each spice is tasted on the tongue at singular points, covering the whole tongue with a symphony of flavor from the tip to the tonsil.

Here are some spice blend recipes that would make great gifts for neighbors and friends:
French four-spice blend from Gourmet (I plan to make this one!)
A Cajun Spice Blend that's not blood-locked or written in ounces :)

And for the presentation:
These spice jars have a nostalgic shape, reminiscent of old-fashioned milk bottles, and these have spirited red tops. Both are great prices!

Are there any favorite spice blends in your family?


  1. We have two favorite spice blends. We order one from a spice shop in Milwaukee. Developed for a Methodist women's group, it is wonderful in soups, salads, and fresh veggies. The other is India curry blend which my cousin gives us. Her husband is from India and his mother provided the recipe for the blend. It is outstanding.

  2. mmmm sounds delicious! i love cajun flavors!

    what happened to your men's gifts post? i was going to comment that i need all the help i can get on christmas shopping for the men in my family. those ideas were great!


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