Tuesday, November 23, 2010

scattering inspiration: last-minute thanksgiving table

The Internet is bursting with "table" ideas for Thanksgiving, and most of them flaunt simplicity with an air that seems to say, "Why would you try to be complicated?"

This "Thankful" tree could easily be created by pasting scrapbook paper to both sides of cardstock (for sturdiness). You would have to draw it, cut it out, and cut a slit in the bottom of one piece and the top of another. I wish I could find a template... it's do-able, don't you think?
(Okay, maybe this one isn't quite so simple... but the rest of these ARE!)

I love this combination of pumpkins and apples tumbling out of a basket that looks like it came from a Farmer's market and was filled with fuzzy peaches just a few short months ago,
(See? Very simple!)

These two involve a little shopping and crafting, but nothing complicated. Gold spraypaint for the first and an old navigating map glued into the shape of a cone for the second.

For the maps:
You can download and print one of these on tan or yellow cardstock
or here is an old map of the Americas that you can save and print on similar paper.
(I would use a printing store, since it will need to be a little larger than 8.5x11, or you can make a trio of smaller cones and use your home printer... to keep it simple :) )

Pears and grain centerpiece DIY here,
(This is my favorite!)

Or a casual tossing about of pumpkins and Fallish flora will do just fine.

(P.S. For the easiest placecards you'll ever make, click here.)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with people (or pets) you hold dear, wherever you may be!
Photos via here, here, here, and here. 


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