Monday, November 22, 2010

random faces and a (very unique) holiday appetizer

One morning as I was sweeping the leaves from our front porch (well, it's more like a front stoop), I felt like someone-- or something-- was watching me. I casually looked around, and realized I was IN FACT being watched by two sketchy characters:

A beautiful house is being built next door to ours (shake siding, three sets of oak French doors, lots of windows, copper roof.... I'll share pictures when they finish the exterior!).

Apparently, one of the contractors is a sculpture artist as well as a home builder.

And now, I have to share this recipe without photos.
I apologize for the lack of visual aid, but it will be a few weeks before I'll have a photo for you (as I won't be making it again until December 5)... and I hate to keep it to myself with Thanksgiving so near, knowing you all will have guests to impress! Let me assure you, this little dish is the bee's knees in the world of sweet tooth hors d'oeuvres. We had it at a friend's house recently, and I have been unable to find a recipe ANYWHERE. She found it pre-made at a specialty shop. So, it's as unique as they come!
Without further ado and ramblings, here's my reincarnation of it:

Blueberry-Vanilla Goat Cheese
served with gingersnaps
(I tried to have the title make up for the photo void)

Mix together:
1 cup frozen blueberries (because they mix without squashing)
1 cup blueberry jam
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 tablespoon wild honey

Warm the mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds. Pour it over a 16-oz log of Goat Cheese (Yes, that's one whole pound of goat cheese. Once it's wrapped in foil, you could use it in aerobics class!).

Wrap the blueberry-doused log tightly in foil and refrigerate overnight. Or, just keep it wrapped-up in your refrigerator as an emergency appetizer.

To serve:
Unwrap the log and allow it to sit on a serving dish for 20 minutes at room temperature (or until goat cheese begins to soften). Place the gingersnaps nearby along with a cheese spreader. Play some Chopin in the background (Vivaldi works, too).

Take my food-lovin' word for it, you will want to adorn your table with this unique combination at some point over the holidays.


  1. that picture is hilarious... i find random faces staring at me all the time in tile or woodwork & stuff.

  2. I know! My grandfather sold art for an old black man who started his folk art career because he "saw a face in a turnip patch" one day and decided to draw it!

  3. Love this recipe and will try it for my big to do on Thursday.

    Happy Thanksgiving and I am STILL in awe of Su Blackwell and so appreciated your post about her work.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. Yes, she's WONDERFUL. I just love her work, too. I'm glad you liked it!


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