Thursday, December 9, 2010

christmas attire for handsome hubs

Husband is getting this red sweater for Christmas.

My grandfather (we called him Grump) had a signature red sweater vest he wore every Christmas. When gift time came, he would wear a Santa hat and hand out the gifts from under the tree to all of the grandchildren to pass out. It's likely because of this memory that red sweaters over collared shirts are the epitome of classic, spirited Christmas attire for men in my (traditional, nostalgic) mind. Pus, Husband looks very handsome in v-neck sweaters. 

 Now, if I could just get him to wear that hat, too...
it's just that he gets ever-so irked when he thinks I'm "playing dress-up" with him.
So for now, I have to be happy with the red sweater :)

Are there any fond memories of Christmas "uniforms"
worn by loved ones in your realms?

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  1. Any chance you'll post a pic of the two of you all decked out in your Christmas clothes?! :)

    I just gave my husband a red Spyder sweater ...not dressy - more outdoor/sporty (think showboardish & really warm) - not a color he wears often either :) It will be nice for Playmaker's hockey games (their colors are red & white) - and - if he gets lost when we go snowshoeing, I'll be sure to find him this way! ... tho' it would be much more likely that I would be the one to get lost &, if he were to be wearing his nice new warm red sweater, I'd be much more likely to find my way back to him! :)


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