Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cocktail necklace

We have two Christmas parties this weekend, and I'll be wearing this to one of them.
I had to call a fashionable friend from the store to ask if a black pencil skirt paired with a sequin tank and fancy necklace was okay. She said definitely.

P.S. This is rare for us to have dressy events back-to-back--
we're usually casual and reclusive on the weekends :)

 I got the necklace on sale from Talbots. I happened to find it on a much bigger sale than it's listed here
This one and this one would also work well for adding pizzazz to your holiday attire.


  1. Hi, Courtney :)

    Just dropping by to say "hello". I've been quite busy as we're having the end of the school semester here.


  2. That is a VERY pretty necklace! Enjoy the celebrations.

  3. Nice, reminds me of some stuff I had a friend make... check these out, seriously beautiful things and she makes them to order. :) p.s. reasonably priced too.


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