Monday, December 13, 2010

pieces of charlotte, nc

We went to Charlotte on Saturday night for Husband's company Holiday Party. It was nice to be back in the Queen City where we spent a year of our lives, stopping in at our favorite restaurants, exploring things we didn't explore while living there, seeing Husband's company's latest projects, going to a service at our old church, and visiting with friends.

We got to see the Bank of America tower husband's company recently finished.

It amazes me to see buildings like this-- so large and stunning with indoor gardens...

and millions of lights strung from the ceiling just to adorn the seasonal feel.
I feel it's a testament of the gifts God has given mankind--
specific strengths and talents
ways to engineers and create through discipline of mind and body.

Of course, man's God-given gifts aren't only visible in majestic buildings!
Our favorite sushi restaurant of all time (visit RuSan's if you are ever in Charlotte!)
has created some spectacular new specials since we last stopped in.

Our hotel was downtown, so we also visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame,
which we never quite made it to while we lived there...

They call that twisty piece of metal across the front "The Ribbon."
It's supposed to artistically echo the race track.

And of course the pedestrian walks to and from the edifice are painted like the checkered NASCAR flag and logo, which I thought was quite witty. Although, I know very little about the sport-- except that it's dangerous, fast, often raw, and very very loud. Those stereotypes were enough to keep me away from an actual event while living in Charlotte!

Well, other than visiting people, getting dressed-up a lot, freezing in dress-up clothes, and stocking up on our favorite local coffee, that's about it from our Charlotte jaunt!


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Not sure which I enjoyed more - reading or viewing this post! That light pic is stunning!


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