Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas cardography

This year's Christmas card photo shoot was very last minute-- as in, on the way out the door and already running 30 minutes late. Husband wasn't even fully dressed yet-- no coat, no tie, no belt, untucked shirt... he's such a sport!

And Khan's glowing canine eyes will just have to do. It rather fits his intense personality anyway (as I type, I'm throwing the tennis ball from the study into the kitchen so he can fetch it over and over and over).


  1. looks like a fun photo shoot to me!

  2. this was just like our christmas card picture was last year! we used the auto timer & harper was constantly trying to get out of the picture.... looks like yall got a good one anyway :)

  3. LOVE IT. You look pretty all dressed up too! You're too cute :- )


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