Tuesday, December 14, 2010

scattering links: gifts and crafts

Jordan Ferry has several ideas for colorful felt ball decor, including wreaths....

and garlands.
Too cute. I love the color.

A Design Sponge post from last week featured this calendar idea:

 Vintage Postcard Calendars in 3-D! Wouldn't that look interesting on a desktop or kitchen counter?

Gift Ideas from Martha:
(These would be perfect for book club, Bible study, clergy, and teacher gifts!)

1 & 4: Templates for Personalized Book Plates inspired by 1930's designs. They suggest using white card stock and pasting them in book covers; or you can just print on sticky-backed photo paper to make life easier. Their other idea involves creating your own with stamps and ink.

3: Photo book markers, Picture these with enhanced sepia-toned nature photos and fine upholstery fabric from the "scraps" table at your local fabric store... they have the potential to look quite elegant!

2: Bound Envelope Books for organizing coupons, receipts, bills, or your own daily schedule. 

More Links to Peruse:

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  1. That colorful cereal garland is FUN! ...& the bookmarks are nice! The calendar concept is clever too.


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