Friday, December 17, 2010

snowflake bentley: a spectacular gift

This simple picturebook book tells the true story of a man who was so enamored by Nature's intricate details that he couldn't stop sketching, photographing, sharing, and journaling his observations of snowflakes, dew, grasshoppers, and other fine details.

Wilson A. Bentley is the man who photographed the first image of a magnified snowflake.

This book-- seemingly written for children-- tells his story of success. It is a unique story of success, since it doesn't involve the acquisition of a perfect romance or grand fortune. The success is one of heart and mind-- of tenaciously pursuing the most natural thing in life: the thing that rivets and fulfills you most, no matter the cost. For Bentley, it just happened to be snowflakes.

Snowflake Bentley's story would be an ideal gift for anyone.
In fact, it was recently given to me by a dear friend and mentor in honor of finishing my Fall semester of graduate school, and it has left an impression on me which I cannot convey in mere words on a blog...

Plus, the illustrations are by the very talented Mary Azarian.


  1. Not sure if you saw it but I posted briefly on this recently too ("Snow Beautiful"). Love it! Last night I had my book group over.. decorated w/ a snowflake theme...had this book on the table & snowflake ornaments hanging from the lamp above us (one for each friend to take home). It IS a Beauty-FULL story :)

  2. That is SO WONDERFUL. I just love learning about people who were passionate about something that others overlooked. It makes me feel so happy to be HUMAN!

    Thanks for sharing this!


  3. I love your new blog look, Cug! How - DO - you - do - it?! You MUST work with more than what blogger gives to work with...

    Love this post and the last one about the beautiful pottery!

  4. MyStory~ No, I didn't see that post! How wonderful! Great minds, you know they think alike :)

    Country Girl~ I thought of you as I read this book!

    Mug~ I did it on Picasa. I will teach you over Christmas :)

  5. Oh snow Flake Bently is one of my fav books. I was introduced to it through home schooling & using
    As too was Miss Rumphius

    Love Leanne


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