Friday, January 21, 2011

lightbulb flower vases (and other links)

I would love to spend an afternoon making a trio of these Lightbulb Vases!
Believe it or not, it's a very simple DIY project.

More links for your weekend:

-I've known the bride in this post since I was about 5 years old, and the girl on the far left is one of my oldest, best friends (who reads the blog sometimes... Lowrey, if you're reading, HI!) Back to the bride, I adore her simple wedding gown with that heavy, triple strand of pearls. So elegant. Simply fetching.

-I enjoyed this movie at the gym this week. A few years old, but oh-so cute! It's a real feel-gooder-- and made my workout fly by.

-Speaking of movies, did you see this clever post that links classic films with color palettes? I'm going to have to catch up... I haven't seen at least half of them.

-Pretty funny if you've ever used Craigslist!

-I like the way this gal picked one patterned fabric to work throughout her lair.

-These would make such unique wedding gifts! I love this one and this one.

Have a great weekend, folks!


  1. Really great round-up post, Courtney! I had fun clicking through-- and I think I'm going to make some of those lightbulb vases!

  2. Great links! That color palette post paired with movies is so creative.

  3. Who thinks up such things as lightbulb vases? They are clever.


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