Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the mastery of carpentry

When I think of carpentry, I think of Jesus, Joseph, and Whitman's words, "The carpenter dresses his plank, the tongue of his foreplane whistles its wild ascending lisp" from Song of Myself. And did you know Harrison Ford once worked as a carpenter?

I also think of the bear statues on sale at various roadside shops throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains... and of expensive, custom-made cabinetry.

The carving and sanding of wood is as much an art as the sculpting of marble. The difference lies in the cultural interpretation (and thus value) placed on each.

One is rustic; the other ornate.
One is humble; the other luxurious.
One is austere; the other lavish.

Yet, is it really so?

Peg and Awl's shop of rustic items made from reclaimed wood is a beauty for perusing. I hope to see that swing hanging from a huge oak tree in my (future) yard someday.
They do such humble luxurious work :)


  1. Really interesting how you compared woodworking to marble sculpture - they are truly both beautiful art form but one has always been more widely valued. Personally I'm more a fan of the woodwork and I think these are all gorgeous examples of the versatility of wood - I especially love those candleholders!

  2. Good point about the versatility... that's something I didn't think of!

  3. OoOo I need that for my bathtub!!! So beautiful!

  4. LOVE this - only problem is, I'd never leave the bath!

  5. Reclaimed wood has that strong and mysterious aura. You can see the signs (scars?) from its former life.
    I'd enjoy that swing for myself! Followed by a glass of cool lemonade on a warm spring day.


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