Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow (ice) warrior dog

The snow here has officially turned to 6-inches of ice. Khan LOVES it, though he must be terribly sore from wiping out so many times. Yesterday, the little canine amazed me by sniffing around a snow-ice filled gutter, then breaking through a specific spot with his paw, sticking his head in the hole, and pulling out a stick-- just the right size for fetching. So I threw it over and over while he skidded around, fetching it.

The part he doesn't like is having to get in the tub to wash off the ice balls that catch in his feathers.
Just check out that expression!

Don't forget about the fun-art giveaway!


  1. Oh, that funny boy! Our dog just gets things done outside as quickly as possible and rushes back inside!

  2. I could only wish for that! We spent over and hour walking, running, and fetching yesterday... and he STILL wasn't ready to go inside!

  3. ohhhh my....look at those eyes! He looks SO sad that his fun is done! How cute is that?!


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