Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a unique giveaway from a NEW etsy store...

Here's a giveaway that could really brighten up a dull corner of your home!

A new etsy store, Parading Chicks, is offering a winner's choice painting!
Her signature design is a trio of three whimsical chicks who seem to be parading across the canvas. She chooses fun themes like Ski Chicks, Ballerina Chicks, Roller Skating Chicks, Whistling Chicks, or her most popular design:

Rainy Day Chicks.
The above image is a zoomed-in version of the chicks' signature red golashes splashing through rain puddles.

Her most recent (and one of my favorite) designs is the Chicks in Pearls series.
The Chicks in Pearls and Boots are too cute in their hats, pearls, and trendy striped stockings with sleek knee-high riding boots... a true Southern Belle look! The artist writes a delightful vignette on each scene. This one says:

If you want to pick up your package today, you should hurry, Girls! The Hatchechubbee post office window closes at 4:00. By the way, you certainly look fetching in your new pearls and knee high boots!

And the other features a trio of "Sunday Go-To-Meeting" chicks. It says:

Oh Dear!...These delightful chicks are late for Sunday school at Hatchechubbee Methodist Church! If they hurry, they might get there in time to grab a cup of coffee before the lesson begins...

This is the kind of art that, as the artist says,
just makes your heart merry.

Check them all out HERE.

To enter, 
peruse the Parading Chicks store, determine your favorite, and leave your pick in the comments section of this post.

Good luck!
The drawing will be Wednesday, January 19.


  1. My son chose "Sunday Go To Meeting Chicks ".
    I had no idea she had started an etsy shop; all the best!

  2. Very recently! Tell your little man, I like that one, too :)

  3. A new ESTY store?! WOW - that IS big news news! I'm anxious to poke around more at Parading Chicks when I have more time...tho' soon - whether I have time or not. But for now - no doubt my favorite painting is the one of the signature red golashes splashing through rain puddles. I "see myself" in it! :)

  4. I love the red rainboots closeup!

  5. I LOVE the one with the red boots in this post! :) Is the artist Mrs. Betsy?

  6. I adore Chicks in Pearls (hurrying to the post office!) These paintings are so much fun. Hmmm, must be a great new artist ;)

  7. The Red Rain Boots ARE rather cute aren't they? I love the energy!

    It looks like you are all catching on this "mysterious" new artist... yes, it's Mug/'Mrs. Betsy'!!!

  8. the red galoshes are adorable!

  9. Pretty cute! I think my favorite are the chicks in pearls late for Sunday School. Sounds like me on Sunday mornings!

  10. I'm so glad you like them, but you have to choose ONE, Cindy....You can't have them ALL, Dear!:-)

  11. I've really enjoyed looking at all your Mom's art! My new favorite is the Pink Pearls... too cute!!!

  12. Purple rainboots parade is my favorite. Adorable.

  13. I love the Pink Pearls, too, Tiff!


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