Friday, February 11, 2011

stylish out of context (and other links)

This image showed up on a "stylish" Bohemian blog and totally cracked me up. It looks like a real backroad scene from Alabama (where I'm from) or South Carolina (where I currently live). Would they think it was so stylish in that context? I hope so. It's culture. I love culture.
And since it's Friday (woohoo!),

Links for your Weekend:

-An interesting perspective on landscape art

-I'm thinking of starting a collection like this

-We wouldn't need these conversation starters at our dinner table. We often sit talking way past the last bite. But I would use the idea for a small dinner party instead-- one where the guests don't know each other very well. Or better yet, one where they do.
-Not your traditional Valentine's messages

-Use this idea on February 27

-Great idea for globe trotters

-How about this for Saturday morning brunch? I'm in.

-Check out this kitchen makeover.

-Do you ever see an exquisite trio of plates an antique store and think, But what would I do with just three matching plates? I do. All the time. Apparently, someone else does too.

-For the perfect party cheese tray (it even tells you exactly what to shop for!)

-For some reason, I just like knowing this place exists. See more photos here.

Have a great weekend!
And thank you for reading.

I love reading your comments. I love seeing you on my sitemeter. You're the bestest folks :)


  1. I like the convo starter for an "ice-breaker" idea. CUTE! Hope I remember that when it would come in handy. Happy Friday!

  2. I love the "collection". I have a small bottle of sand from the beach where I grew up. I spent all my teenage summers there, soaking up the sun and having fun with friends :)

  3. I adore this picture. It's a keeper. Charming in sooooooooo many ways.

  4. I love the bottle collection. What a great idea! I really got me thinking about doing that.

  5. Yes, we'de have quite a collection just passing them around from all the places we're living! Baton Rouge, the Carolinas, New Mexico, Indiana....

  6. Woooohoooo! I love all the differences in our cultures. And I LOVE Alabama and the Carolinas. Well heck, the best fiction comes out of the south because you have REAL folks there.

    happy weekend, and what happened to scattering lupines? New outlook?

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. Yes, I just got tired of it. I needed a revamp.


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