Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i'm taking an indefinite hiatus......

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I am going on sabbatical from Blogland.

I've been debating this decision for awhile. I enjoy my morning blogging, but it does take a lot of time and I feel if I'm going to keep going, it needs to be with more of a mission. Plus, there are some other things I've wanted to pursue for awhile.

And then the decision was forced on me. I recently got a new job (I wasn't looking, but it's so perfect I couldn't turn it down), as well as an offer to be part of a committee developing a new Early Literacy project for the community...

and I'm still in school full time with a Thesis due in April. I must say, it's a lot to juggle. But since I enjoy it all so much and everything fits so perfectly into my career plans, it's worth the frozen dinners I'm feeding Husband and the weekend hours spent at the library catching up.

And giving up the blog for awhile.

If you want to know when the blog starts back up, email me at

And for old times' sake,

-On my way out, I thought I'd share the most interesting hammock I've ever seen. You won't believe the price: $35,000 for the whole set-up. For a hammock. But it is innovative.

-The image above is from a movie party in a barn. I love the hay bale stadium seating.

-A great pair of spring/summer shoes.(At a much better price than yon hammock!)

-How to use your old phone books (yes, like The Real Yellow Pages!)

-So smart. I keep twine (for wrapping male gifts, especially) but it is rather a pain to store.

-The next time I bake a fun cake, it will be this one. Who would have thought? Chocolate would be good, too.

-It never dawned on me to look this up, but they're all on my weekend "movie" list now.

Thank you for reading!
It's been fun, and I hope to be back once time allows...


  1. So sad to see you go! I always love reading your blog. Good luck with all of your new exciting stuff though.

  2. Will miss you - but I totally understand. I think about doing the same things sometimes. Congratulations on your new job!

  3. Awwww-- I will miss you! But I totally understand-- there are only so many hours in the day. Good luck with all your new adventures, and remember you are welcome any time you are up our way!

  4. Good luck with your exciting endeavors!
    I am hoping if I keep following here I will see you when you have the time and inspiration to blog again!

  5. Education and community involvement are totally acceptable reasons to take a blog hiatus, so we'll accept that....for now :)

    All joking aside, I wish you the best with this next step in your life. It sounds like an exciting time. I hope to see you on the web again, when things have settled down.

    Buona fortuna!

  6. Thank you all!!!!!!! You've MADE it fun!

  7. Enjoy your time away, but do come back again!

  8. ps you should send all your followers to your mom!

  9. sad to see you go but you certainly do have alot going on. dont feel the pressure to blog every day (i certainly am not regular) but pop in & say hello every now & then :)

  10. That's a good idea. A long time ago, I told myself I had to do it daily if I did it at all... but you have a good point. Most of the blogs I read do NOT update on a regular basis. Hmmm. Once I get this thesis turned in, I might just have to get back in gear!

  11. That is wicked about the new job! Congrats! I completely understand the need to take a break from blogging. Sometimes it can feel like an uphill struggle - especially when, like me, you notice your numbers dipping and you wonder - who actually reads this?! But I enjoy writing regardless so I'll keep at it... just keeping up with everyone can be hard too! Anyway hope you have a nice break - I've got you on my wall so I'll see when you're back! xxx

  12. Great! I'll be popping in on you from time to time still...

  13. Hey there!
    Just wanted to say 'hello' and 'congratulations'! Your mum shared your exciting news!
    Missing you!

  14. I think many are having similar thoughts in Blogland...

    good luck!


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