Friday, February 18, 2011

no photos (and other links)

That's right. There's no photo. And I had a truly awesome one to share. It was a photo of a stack of flour sacks in a restaurant we recently dined in. The sacks read: Hi-Gluten Flour.

But my computer just got purged and the pictures weren't saved like I thought they were. Hoorah for people who remember to double-check. Boo for me. I had a lot of pictures I really wanted... so I'm not going to think about them scattered as fragmented dust mites in the depths of my hardrive.

Clean start for a beautiful day. That's what I'll think about instead :)

I spent little time this week blog-surfing. We've (almost completely) defeated the cold and flu virus.... so here's what I found to share with you in between sneezes, though you've likely already seen most of them...

LINKS for your weekend:

-Ultimately feminine (though slightly pricey for my budget) rain boots!

-Martha's ideas for adult-themed birthday parties (yet still G-rated)!

-And another idea from Martha's team: custom, personalized cake candles. So clever.

-I must be into parties this week. Here's an easy  DIY for unique-ifying crepe paper streamers. And matching party hats, too!

I hope you enjoyed!!!


  1. So glad you two are feeling better!:) Like the rain boots...only they need a bit of color according to the "chicks":)

  2. Think of this Courtney,

    Star dust is everywhere. It is on top of picture frames, under your rug, floating through your home. Maybe your photos are now stardust too.

    Love across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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