Thursday, December 31, 2009

eat your black eyed peas for good luck

Do you eat ham, turnip greens, and black-eyed peas every New Year's Day?

We do. But we despise plain black-eyed-peas. To the point that Husband literally chokes them down. So I make this one from Better Homes and Gardens and it is delicious.
If you have never heard of this tradition, read more here and here.


  1. This must be a southern belle thing. We up in the midwest don't really have a NY tradition. My hubby would love this one. I'm in the same boat at your's about choking them down. Bless him for trying. I remember being at my grandmother's in 6th grade in Tryon, NC for part of the school year and having no clue what these were in the lunch line....Skipped that one....

    I'm going to clinch my teeth and make this for Scooter....

    Let us know if your hubbie survives...

  2. Hilarious! I will let you know...

    His grandmother called me a little while ago with a recipe that sounds WONDERFUL and might fix everything! It has so much bacon and smoked sausage in it, I think the BlkEyedPeas will be drowned in saturdated fats! It might just be our saving grace for New Year's Day...

  3. My husband and I took a pass on the peas and went for Greek food instead! : ) A great little place around the corner from our home called Zorbas, yum! Hope it works just as well as the peas! ; )

    Bon appetite and happy new year to ya, SL : )

  4. Can't remember the last time I ate black eyed peas or turnips...but that salad looks pretty tasty to me. Happy New Year!

  5. ooo have you had a blog revamp or have I been away too long? Very pretty and cool! New Year I was too hungover for much eating - just a small plate of cheese and a bowl of homemade veggy soup...that did the trick...and my pjs and some tele! xxx

  6. Hey there! Happy New Year!
    Just got back home and found your card. Thank you very much; all three of you look lovely! I'll e-mail you a picture of mine sometime soon.
    I'll start posting as soon as I get organised here.
    Take care!


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