Monday, January 4, 2010

it went well; how was yours?

I soaked the black-eyed-peas overnight,

Woke up the next morning and had some leftover rum cake with my coffee,

And spent the next few hours cooking.

I'm afraid my mother's rum cake didn't make it past 10 a.m.

As you might have read in this post, the Southern tradition for New Year's Day is:
Any combination of Black-eyed-peas, pork, and cornbread for good luck and prosperity for the new year. This year, I used Husband's grandmother's Hoppin' John recipe.

With lots more cornbread on the side,

And Tabasco sauce for the collards and Hoppin' John.

And, of course, champagne.

We spent the next day skiing on Sugar Mountain in North Carolina. A bit icy but not too bad for NC skiing, although it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit and I expected (and dressed for) a rather warmer skiing experience.

And Khan's sister Kate came to visit for a few days-- along with my parents :)


  1. What a lovely post. Very neat to hear about your southern tradition... however, I'm doing the rum cake, cornbread, day in the snow, sip of champange, tabasco and I'll even pick out some of the ham... but those black-eyed bean.... ICKS... I'm still not sure.

    By the way, how did you add that cute "Enjoy the Day" signature. I created one, but can't figure out how to add to the bottom of my posts.

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed some great fun over the holidays! How nice for Khan to spend some quality time w/ his sister :)

    P.S. My kitchen is not complete w/o Tabasco! :)

  3. That meal looks lush! And so nice you can just pop out skiing - though I don't envy you with those temperatures! Snow is about to hit here - probably tomorrow and my wardrobe is so ill prepared!

    Thanks for your comments earlier, maybe the cow car will bring peace...though right now it brings stress as I try to guide it through the roads but hopefully that will pass! :) And as for volunteer work - I heard back today from a community cafe so fingers crossed!!! I like your ideas too though so when I move home in April that will be something to consider! xxx

  4. Happy New Years to you and the husband, and of course, Khan! We had fond memories of last year with you all! Did you like Boone? It looked like lots of snow! I'm on bedrest so I'm excited to catch-up on your blog!!


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