Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the first blog I ever read....

was Tollipop.
Well, technically it was the second. The first blog I ever read led me to it, making it the second.
But who's counting?

The author of Tollipop
draws these enchanting porcelain children called "Tollipops" and sells them in her etsy shop.

what originally drew me
to this blog was not the Tollipop art,
but the little masterpieces of
phrases, sentences, and paragraphs woven and manipulated by the artist/author.

She is a master of language--
its richness, its movement, its beauty and scape.
She rekindles heirloom language to a blaze that leaves you poised and rosy as the little Tollipops themselves.

She currently has a project underway called the Hundred Dresses Project. Basically, she is writing 100 little stories to go with 100 different Tollipop girls in different outfits. And the stories are wonderful. She also has a collecion of Tollipop stories aside from The Hundred Dresses Project here.

This little project is based on the book by the same title. If you or a young lady in your life is unfamiliar with The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes, familiarize swiftly. It's a well-loved classic that teaches a timeless lesson in a lovely way... for girls, young ladies and women of any age and era.

Oh, and if you start keeping up with the Tollipop blog, you'll soon learn that the author's daughters are amazingly accomplished musicians. She posts videos of their performances, which I usually watch more than once, green with envy and racked with regret for not devoting myself more to music in the earlier days of my life.

What was the first, most impressionable blog you remember reading?

What got you started blogging... or reading blogs?


  1. I think all blogs I've been reading these last months are adorable and I've been learning a lot from friends around the world. Each blog, each post is so unique and special that I can't choose a particular one :) They're such little precious pieces from someone's daily life and I love them all !


  2. I agree, Claudia! THis is just the one that got me interested in reading blogs :)

  3. oh, she sounds so lovely, as does her blog. thank you so much for sharing. i want to go out right now and purchase the book for me and all of the females i know!
    the first blog that got me into this blogworld was dawn's blog, may all seasons be sweet to thee. i was so inspired by her lovely photos and posts... and eventually they led me to many other beautiful blogs, including yours;).

    have a good day,


  4. Inner City Observations ( was the first blog I read, a post a year ago after her sister died. From the comments to that post I found YadaYadah, who I realized I knew and who is as inspiring and motivating in person as she is in her blog.

  5. These illustrations are so charming!
    I love reading about artists who are really living their passion, and earning a living while doing so.

  6. ooo will take a look! I started with Jane Brocket's blog: I think...there may have been one or two branched out from there really -weird how it took over my life - seems a bit of a haze now! xxx

  7. I think was the first blog I ever read. She helped me get started blogging too. The Yada Yada Prayer Group (Book 1) inspired the name of my blog. I have made some dear friends I've never met by blogging. You are certainly one of them! I also have a friend, warriormom (above), who for the longest time I considered to be a friend I'd never met until - at some point after blogging/commenting back & forth for a while - I FiNAlly figured out that I knew her even better than even I knew! (tho' she knew that she knew me right from the start :)

    Thank you so much for sharing about 100 Dresses here! Definitely want to investigate that a bit more. Love what I know already based on your post here.

  8. I can't wait to check out all of your "first blog experiences!" Thank you for sharing them here...

    And I have to quote Curious Cat here, "Weird how it took over my life!"

    I couldn't have said it better!

  9. My daughter me a book written and illustrated by Julie Zickefoose. I had heard her commentaries on NPR and my daughter gave me her home page address. And so started the interest.

  10. hi again:). in response to your question, i run pharmaceutical research trials. what do you do?? i'm always curious to know what fellow bloggers do as well. though it's funny, now that i'm getting into blogging, i feel like i could do this for a living;). i agree- curious cat couldn't have said it any better.

  11. I'm pretty sure the first memorable blog I read was Soulemama. We blogged about Grady's first year, but the only blogs I read then were our two friends who had babies the same time we did. I didn't even know there was a real "blog world" out there. Tollipops looks so cute-- gotta check it out!

  12. Well, I think it might have been the first blog by Sarai, who now has
    I was more into sewing and vintage clothing when I started scouting around the blogosphere, and she is an incredibly talented seamstress, knitter, etc. And takes interesting photos of life on the west coast.

    I love all the stories listed above!


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