Thursday, February 25, 2010

roxaboxen, if you haven't already

This book is illustrated by Barbara Cooney, author and illustrator of this blog's namesake: Miss Rumphius The Lupine Lady.

It is a book about the power of imagination and shows how something merely imagined can become a memorable, impacting experience.

Without spoiling the book: Roxaboxen is a town.
And Marion was mayor, of course.
There were shops, bakeries, ice cream parlors, and houses of jewels.
(Adults will enjoy this one, too :)

In other news:

I loved reading all of your First Blog Experiences yesterday!
Thank you for sharing.

A few new blogs I found through you:


  1. And I love dipping into your posts too. That Barbara Cooney, wasn't she wonderful?? I do have this book and have most of hers. As I explained last summer she lived in our "hometown" of Damariscotta, Maine and I often saw her out and about. She was a lovely woman with a braided crown of silver hair. Now, our hometown library has her Caldecott medals and much of her artwork on display. Her son and daughter-in-law own Maine Coast Books and keep it supplied with her work. I missed her last book signing there because I got sick that morning. I was so disappointed. She became more ill and never returned to the store. She was a huge inspiration to me and as you may remember, I live about half a mile from the Miss Rumphius cottage on Juniper Ledge.

    All best,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  2. Yes! I do remember. I bet she was a wonderful person to know! I need to stock up with all of her books. I've never met a work of hers I didn't like.

  3. Of fun! Yet another children's book to check out. Hooray! These days, I prefer them over adult ones for the most part :)

  4. Me, too! I get a stack of them a week from the library.

  5. Hi Courtney:).
    It's so funny because we've been corresponding for a while now and when I was putting your name in for the award, I realized that I don't think your name has ever popped up! I did some sleuth-ing and apparently, I'm not that good;).
    Good to know your name:).

    I also wanted to tell you that I saw a comment that you left on The Curious Cat's site about your blogging standards being 'whatever won't make hubby mad'. LOL, that's so funny because that is my exact rule of thumb!! It's so true; if he wouldn't want it shared, I won't share, but otherwise, all's fair in this blogging world (oh yeah, and I have to remember that my mom and MIL sometimes read;)).


  6. Ha! Gotta keep those hubbies happy with us!


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