Tuesday, February 23, 2010

101 ways to eat salmon: #2

Parmesan Crusted Salmon
This is a good one I discovered through my mom. Even folks who aren't necessarily crazy about salmon might appreciate it. Find the printer-friendly version here.

For "seasoned salt" I have used Toni's Creole Seasoning and Jane's Crazy salt (I know she spells it KRAZY, but I can't bring myself to thoroughly and purposefully butcher spellings with no pun or motive whatesoever).


  1. that's awesome:). i love a good salmon:). i look forward to reading all 101 recipes;).

    did you make it to Trader Joe's for the blueberries yet??


  2. NO! I have been sick all weekend. So sad to be sick.

    I think I will do that today...

  3. We have our Trader Joe's salmon in the freezer-- I'm going to have to try this one, too!

    We go through 3 bags of TJ blueberries a week...

  4. I LOVE salmon! Thanks for this yummy idea! (And I'd love to know what your friend Melissa does with THREE bags of TJ blueberries a week! : ) )

    Hope you're feeling better soon, fun...sending TLC your way : )

  5. Thanks, Hindsfeet!

    I wonder if Melissa gets the chocolate covered blueberries BLair was talking about or the regular blueberries?!?! I can go through some blueberries 'round here, too, though. Salads, Cereal, ice cream...

  6. Ok - you're makin' me hungry! :)

    Thanks for stopping in today --- glad to know you found your words wrapped in mine from the other day! :)

  7. I love salmon recipes ! Salmon goes so well with a good white wine... I just appreciate it a lot :)

    Have a beautiful day !

  8. Thanks for the recipe! I love Salmon, and Parmesan.

    Sorry to hear you were sick. I hope you're doing better now.


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