Friday, February 26, 2010

funny friday: meet the smiths

Meet the Smiths. They're a great, all-American family. John Smith wears his tie just a smidge too tight, little Johnny Smith (who will one day grow up to be John Smith) never sweats in his argyle sweater vest, and the lady Smiths always wear their gracious smiles and lovely necklaces past the age of 2.

The Smiths, like any other family, have their dirty little secrets which sometimes show up when least expected (and most often, they show up in their vintage, pastel underwear).

Bacteria, for example, peeks his taunting face in at the worst possible moments,

Pollen doesn't know when to leave,

And pet dander just makes himself at home as if he's one of the kids.

And Humdity and Odor? Well, let's just say you really know when they've arrived.

Yes, yes. This is yet another add that gave me a good, hearty laugh! This one was in Better Homes and Gardens advertising for Lennox Home Comfort Systems. It's the expressions on those guys in long underwear that got me, I think.

Have a weekend full of ______________
YOU fill in the blank! What will your weekend be full of? I choose productivity since we will be house hunting in South Carolina.)


  1. For a permanent address or is that where the next project is??
    My weekend will be full of adventure!!! Once again Luke and I are off to explore more of NM.

  2. Can't wait to see more adventures on your blog!

  3. Oh, I love house hunting! Have fun!

  4. HA! Those images are hilarious! And house hunting, how fun!

  5. My weekend will be full of ... creativity :)

  6. That IS funny! :) Happy Househunting!!

  7. OOh! Happy Househunting, SL! Let us know how the plot thickens! : )


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