Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the shower

There was candlelight with the photos of the Bride and Groom's engagement photo shoot,

There were lots of shells,

black pebbles, and signs made from old wood since the theme was "Vintage Maine."

I made these using plastic wine glasses, hot glue, and seashells the morning of the party. They matched the plates.

We used the top of the invitation as part of this centerpiece.

(I didn't remember to take pictures of everything until all the guests had arrived. So, between people milling around and the dim lighting, I don't feel like I got very good pictures. Ah, me circumstances!)

We borrowed an old carnival popcorn machine from my parents,

And it was a hit. The carnival elements fit well with the vintage theme and their "beach carnival" engagement pictures.

Simple touches were added here and there,

like limes floating in vases of sun-colored gerber daisies,

Lots of green,

In many forms,

And the sweets table,

which the bride


It was raining and chilly the day of the party, so we decorated the garage for more sitting area. This is what we did with the tool rack on the garage wall,

Using photos I took on my first trip to Maine and one of the pieces of old wood.

And we couldn't resist floating a lobster in the hot tub!

The bride and groom got lots of gifts from their registry,

And some they didn't register for!

I think it was a success.


  1. Oh, fun. Fun, fun, fun. I love a good party-- great job with all the special details!

  2. Just looking back through your posts - do you plan weddings? Or are these guys family or friends? It looks so splendid and beautiful - I love the creativity that has gone in to this and the attention to detail - like the limes in the vase and the popcorn machine! And the fairy lights and lobster! So unique and kitch! xxx

  3. What a great shower. Good job!
    I love the sweets table, of course :)

  4. Ha! No, I don't plan weddings... it's just that all my friend decided to get married within 2 years of one another!

  5. Ooh! Such fun! Love all the shells!

  6. Such fun & attention to detail. My favorite special touch ..."The Maine Event sign w/ photos!" Very clever :)

  7. Lovely and creative ! I loved the shells and candles :)

    Marvelous !

    Have a beautiful week !!!

  8. Great job!! Thanks for letting us see it all put together! Very creative!

  9. I agree! It is the little details that give such beauty and character! I think my favourite is the photos along the tool rack! Brilliant!

  10. Wow! I love all the details - the shells on the wine glasses, the sweets table, even the tool rack! I'm sure everyone had a terrific time!

  11. You go Girl!! Friend bonus points for you!!! : )

  12. Wow, you did a great job on the decorating, ideas, etc. Very creative! And I like how a person absolutely does not have to spend a bundle of money to have a unique, attractive, and fun get-together. Excellent! I too, like the limes floating in the flower vase, it all looks great. (P.S. I also like Bud)


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