Thursday, March 18, 2010

sweet home alabama

Back in Alabama,

Spring has come.

Alabama sometimes gets a bad rap nationally, but Husband and I love it dearly and miss it so much we hope to be back there making our home some day.

There's so much
old-school charm,
and character
to be found in Alabama.

It's a place that can really grow on you, get in your soul, make its place and refuse to leave.

It's a great place to nap,

And explore,
And dogs look totally natural in the setting, chewing on real bones they've found in the woods. It might sound gross; it's nature at its rawest, indeed, but I often find it oddly refreshing that life is so foundational and authentic in these parts.

Then there are the downright hilarious parts about Alabama that I find equally refreshing.

Like these shoes that keep showing up at my parents' house.

Their dogs are free to roam since they live in the woods-- a 30-minute drive from any major grocery store-- and their "neighbors" include anyone within a 15-mile radius of their house. They think the dog in this photo (Bud, whom they acquired when my mom fed his homeless mother, who had a litter of puppies a day later which included Bud) has been taking shoes from people's porches. My parents have no idea where to even begin returning the shoes and aren't quite sure what to do about it.

I can just imagine the blame-flying and head-scratching going in within the walls of those clandestine sites where Bud finds his shoe collection. "I could have sworn I put them here..."

Although it does make me sad to think they may be someone's favorite pair... or only pair. They'll figure out how to return them, I'm sure.

And, oh, the rampant pines! I remember being taught when I started driving to "try not to park under a pine tree" because the car will get sticky sap all over it.
Alabama has touches of artistic flair and sophistication, too. People always laugh when I say that.

But just check out this artsy restaurant with a series of Van Gogh self-portrait impersonations

And the duck medallions

And the side salad with sweet rum vinaigrette dressing.
It really does have it all. Maybe not on every corner of every street, but rich culture is there in so many multifarious ways.

I feel so good about life after a weekend visit to that odd yet charming ole' state. And who knows, maybe one day we'll be back in that backwards place where we feel so much at home.

Until then, on to South Carolina!
Moving day is in just a week and a half. If I am slow about visiting your blogs, I'll catch up here and there...


  1. I'm already in love with Alabama =)

  2. I understand just what you mean - when a place settles into your heart, with all it's beauty and eccentricities (word?) - and then you have to leave. I do hope you'll grow just that fond of your new state too, and have the best of both worlds!
    I'm looking forward to hearing about your discoveries yet to come

  3. I like the look of Alabama! You have reminded me I must get on with planning our trip to the US! What gorgeous photos though - I love the one of your feet by the water on the has a very heavenly feel to it...and that food looks gloriously delicious too!!! xxx


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