Thursday, May 27, 2010


I saw Thomas Paul's fabrics featured in Domino Magazine before it went under. I don't normally store designers in my long-term memory space. I need that space for other things... remembering his name was a total accident.
Then, I accidentally stumbled across a fabric (you'll see it at the bottom of this post) that he designed and I loved.
(The fabric on the chairs is on sale here and here.)

I love that his designs can be super-chic and modern,

or casual and classic with just a little punch of festivity.

He doesn't only design fabric.

Just look at all the options:

Pillows in linen, silk, cotton, and jute,

Fun melamine plates,

tea towels

and scarves, lamps, rugs, light fixtures, stationary, totes, boxes, throws, and trinkets.

But remember,

There are ThomasPaul Fabrics

and then there are Discounted ThomasPaul Fabrics:

I have this fabric, which I made into pillows you can see in this post.
I bought it from a fabric discount source.
(They have more ThomasPaul fabrics here at regular price.)

His website is here.


  1. That fabric you picked for your pillows is really pretty. You did a nice job on them! Love the rich colors set in a neutral background.

  2. I don't usually pay attention to specific designers, but he does have some good stuff.

    I like the pillows you made. They look perfect in the photo. Very nice!

  3. You are just a fountain of information today! Thanks so much for all the links on my chair post-- I agree, a rug is badly needed! And these fabrics are greeeeaaat!


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