Wednesday, February 16, 2011

kuhfoozle books and soft happy pillows

Thank you for visiting me on Valentine's Day! I enjoyed your comments...

Aren't these pillows cheerful? I can't imagine how long it takes her to cut and stitch those blitheful birds. Considering the work and tiny craftsmanship, her prices are very reasonable. She has so many designs. I love her owls, birds on a wire, birds in a tree, and her fantastic kites that sing SPRIIIIIING at the tops of their linen-threaded lungs.

The bubonic plague (a.k.a. Cold and Flu virus) has hit our house. So until I can muster up an unfoggied brain and get back on track, I'll likely be absent from blogland. I kind of like the challenge of seeing how long it will take us to knock it out-- it's hopefully the closest I'll ever get to battle :)

Until then, here's a great project to consider while in bed with a thermometer or walking about in perfect health:

SF Girl By Bay shared her inspiration journals where she keeps all the images from magazines and elsewhere that inspire her. I'm thinking of setting up my recipe journals like this-- with more photos and relics on each page with recipes we love. I can see it now: a bright, colorful journal for poultry, pork, beef, fish, shellfish, cakes, cookies, soups, sandwiches, salads....

It seems you could make one of these no matter your hobby or career. From sewing to marketing. I could even do it for my career: reading intervention and children's literature. Or story inspiration. Hmmm....

Side Inkle: (According to spell check, I made up quite a few words in this post! Hoorah for new words! Maybe I could make a "New & Improved Words" inspiration book! Kuhfoozle would be a great one to start with. What could Kuhfoozle mean? Delirious from decongestants?)

Have a great week, folks...


  1. my mind drifted somewhere else when you said you were lethargic and nauseated!
    hope you feel better soon!

  2. I have been sick, too. For over three weeks. It's dreadful! Head cold turned into the devil cold that just won't go away. I hope you get the shorter version. Bed down, take some meds and keep tissue close by. Good luck!

  3. Sounds like you & my oldest daughter have the same thing! UGH ... If I were there I'd bring you my "pharmacy" in a basket - for sore throat: Hot lemon or limeade, Hot & Sour Soup from our favorite "Chinese" restaurant down the road, Home-made gargle (Water, salt & baking soda), homemade cough/throat drops (spoonfuls of honey & lemon/lime juice), salt & vinegar potato chips & plenty of orange juice. For nausea - ugh - that' s the worst!! ... avoid all of the above & don't move! ;)

  4. love those adorable bird pillows!

  5. You know I aDORe these birdies. What a find. Off to see what else I've been missing here...

  6. Have I told you lately how much I love your blog!!! Well I do!
    kendall boggs

  7. Love the pics! I hope you guys get better soon!

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